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Free pipe repair estimate & 10% off pipe repair

Free Estimate And 10% Off Pipe Repair

  • This offer includes a complimentary, no-cost estimate for pipe repair services.
  • Upon receiving the estimate, customers are eligible for a 20% discount on the actual pipe repair work.
  • This service covers all aspects of pipe repair, which may include inspection, diagnosis, and fixing issues like leaks, bursts, or blockages.

Offer ends March 31, 2024. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Can not be added after a job has been done or approved. Has to be on an open estimate & can not be combined with a membership or other discounts.

ProFlo Air is amazing. We have worked with them on a couple of projects including our heat exchangers for our swimming pool (…) Now, our pool is heated whenever we turn on our AC. I recently needed a new AC unit for upstairs and ProFlo was there for me as my husband recently passed away… He even sent me flowers as I grieved the loss of my husband. Now that’s going above and beyond. I would highly recommend ProFlo Air. Thanks for being GREAT ProFlo

Kiesa G. from Temecula, CA

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  • Satisfaction guaranteed
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  • Flawless safety records
  • Locally family owned & operated
  • Professional quality work

Three Steps For When Your Pipes Leak

1. Turn Off The Water

Prevent further damage by shutting off the water to your house.

2. Assess The Affected Areas

Look around the affected areas to see if there is water damage in other places.

3. Contact ProFlo Plumbing

Call in the experts to help get your house back to your happy place.

Why Take Advantage of This Deal

  • Ideal for those experiencing plumbing issues or wanting to ensure their pipe system’s running efficiently.
  • Recommended for those who have noticed unusual activity with water fixtures, spikes in water bills, or wet spots around the property.
  • Recommended for homeowners with old pipes that want to ensure pipes are in good health.
  • The deal offers both a cost-effective assessment and a significant discount on necessary repairs.

Trust the Experts

Let us handle your plumbing needs without the stress on you or your wallet.

Get Your Service Financed

Don’t wait for your plumbing issues to worsen. Take care of the problem today.


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Drain Cleaning Service & Free Camera Inspection

Stay proactive and check the condition of their main sewer line or see what’s going on if you are facing issues like slow drains or backups. The free inspection, coupled with a discount on subsequent services, offers an affordable way to ensure the proper functioning of the main sewer line.

$44.99 (REG. $224.00)

FREE Estimate on AC or Heater Replacement

Don’t get left in the cold, or sweat out the heat! Our skilled technicians will come out and access your HVAC unit or give you a quote on replacing it.

The ProFlo Pledge

Trust the experts at ProFlo for full service residential and commercial HVAC & plumbing services.


At ProFlo, we’re confident in the work that we do and are sure that our services will earn your satisfaction. Our HVAC and plumbing technicians are unrivaled in expertise and experience, and can efficiently address any issue that they are tasked with. From friendly customer service to outstanding installations, repairs, and troubleshooting, our team members are well-skilled and will be able to assist you with whatever you are dealing with.


Every business says they have exceptional customer service, but we mean it. We know you’d typically only call us when something’s wrong, and we try to make sure you make the experience as pleasant as can be. No matter the problem, no matter the project, ProFlo works hard to put our customers first. As a team of prompt, reliable, courteous, and professional technicians, we know you will not be disappointed.


We love our hometown and are proud to serve homeowners and businesses of Murrieta and Temecula Valley. We know our community loves to live here, and we want their homes to be a plumbing and HVAC problem-free place.


We’re never too far away when disaster strikes, and we’re ready to assist with fixing your air conditioning, heating or plumbing issue.  We take pride in our promise to provide you with the best HVAC and plumbing services as quickly as possible.