3 Common Toilet Problems

May 16, 2017

We all have them and no one wants to talk about them. Toilets. Yes, we know…gross. However, since we use our toilets everyday, it is likely you will run into common toilet problems at some point. We are going to discuss the common toilet mishaps you’re likely to encounter and how you can address them before things get worse.



If you enter the bathroom and have water leaking onto the floor, it’s important to address the situation right away so moisture doesn’t have a chance to permanently damage your floors and subfloors. First order of business would be to check the status of your toilet’s connections. If the tank bolts, fill valves, etc. are loose, you will likely need to replace the washers to stop the leaking.

If the leaking is occuring from a crack in the toilet tank, it’s time for a replacement tank and it should be installed as soon as possible. Cracks can also occur close to the base of the toilet which will result in water around that area. You may experience leaking after flushing as well which could mean you need to replace the wax ring. Most leaking can be an easy fix, but if you run into the instances where you need replacements, ProFlo is at your disposal.



If your toilet is constantly running, you can be wasting anywhere from 30 to 500 gallons of water PER DAY. That is a huge amount of waste! There are a variety of reasons why this could be happening to you. The first order of business is to check the lift chains. If the lift chains don’t appear to solve the issue, move to the float ball. If your float ball is leaking, you will need to replace it, but if it isn’t, check to see if your current water levels are correct.

If you find that your flush valve is dirty or damaged, you will then need to clean it or replace it. Same can be done for your pressure-assist valve. If replacing any of the items seems to prove too time consuming or you need help diagnosing the issue, call in an expert!



Slow emptying is caused by a variety of reasons, from partial blockage to the flush handle. Check to see if partial blockage is the cause by plunging to clear it. If, while you’re flushing, the other toilets in your home make gurgling sounds, it means that there isn’t enough air moving through your waste lines. This air allows for the water to flow freely and can easily be the cause of many toilet problems. This can be fixed by going up to your roof and clearing your vents and using a water hose. The water emptying as slow as this may also be caused by flushing valves. Ensure your chain is short enough to allow water to flow out fast enough for efficient flushing.

As always, if the small fixes are not solving your immediate toilet problems, ProFlo HVAC and Plumbing is always available to help you diagnose your problem and make sure it gets resolved as quickly as possible. Give us a call at your earliest convenience.   

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