3 Ways HOA Living Affects HVAC Installation

September 30, 2021

If your home is located within a homeowners association, then you’re probably aware of what an HOA’s responsibilities are. While HOAs exist for protecting the best interests of their residents, they are also known for complicating issues for homeowners. Homeowners associations are governed by a strict set of rules and regulations, each designed to maintain the aesthetic of the entire community of homes within the association, which could include installing heaters and air conditioners in your home.

HOA Restrictions on HVAC Installation

While federal law requires the installation of heating units in every home, air conditioners are an exception. Accordingly, HOAs can restrict the types of air conditioning units that can be installed in houses, or even whether or not AC units can be installed altogether. For example, HOAs may not allow exterior air conditioners, such as window-mounted AC units, or large external AC generators that produce a lot of noise. If you’re looking for an air conditioning alternative that could be approved by your HOA, consider installing a ductless split AC system. These units can cool homes with up to four bedrooms and have noise levels comparable to a quiet street.

Budgetary Restrictions on HVAC Installation and Repairs

Perhaps you’re considering installing your own HVAC unit due to dissatisfaction with your HOA’s heating and cooling systems. This is a common issue in homes with decentralized HVAC systems. Before you decide to go rogue and install your personal unit, check to see if your HOA can simply improve upon the existing HVAC unit. In most cases, HOAs have a special reserve budget that can be used for repairs and improvements; any issues with a decentralized HVAC system should be taken care of using HOA reserve funding. Check with your HOA’s budget and save yourself time and money on an unnecessary HVAC installation.

Responsibilities for Existing HVAC Systems

As previously mentioned, HOAs are typically responsible for maintaining communal HVAC units within a community. However, HOAs that allow for residents to install their own units generally make the residents responsible for any repairs to the units or the property itself. Certain exceptions to this rule apply, including HOAs being responsible for personal HVAC repairs in the event of natural events such as storms. Additionally, if your HVAC system is damaged as a result of construction ordered by the HOA, your association will be responsible for any AC repair required.

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