4 Effective Ways to Find Hidden Plumbing Leaks

September 29, 2022

Plumbing leaks are a nightmare for any homeowner. When undetected and unaddressed, leaks can cause severe property damage and extensive water waste, leading to costly utility bills. Locating and handling a leak early on can prevent these consequences, saving homeowners a lot of money and trouble.  

Finding a plumbing leak won’t always be easy, though, as some are well-hidden and challenging to spot until it’s too late. Fortunately, homeowners can locate even the most concealed leaks simply by keeping an eye on several clear signs and critical aspects of their plumbing.

Pay Attention to Your Water Bills

Homeowners should always pay close attention to their monthly water bills. Your monthly water bill can inform you of the presence of a leak. If you start to notice that the cost of your water bill has suddenly skyrocketed without a clear explanation, there’s a chance that this is due to increased water usage from a leak in your plumbing system.

Look For Mold Growth

In locations close to a leak, there will usually be a buildup of excess water. Any heavy accumulation of water can result in mold growth and water damage, which is why any sign of these two occurrences should immediately signal to homeowners the possibility of a sewer line leak.  

Homeowners can verify if a particular area is dealing with a leak by first cleaning the location of any mold and mildew that have formed. If mold growth continues in the area even after cleaning it, you’re likely dealing with a leak. 

Check Your Outdoor Systems

While many tend to overlook their outdoor plumbing fixtures when looking for a leak, homeowners should always include water hoses, sprinkler systems and outside faucets as part of their search. Any puncture or extensive wear and tear could cause one of your outdoor plumbing fixtures to start leaking. 

Regularly Schedule Plumbing Inspections

Ultimately, there’s only so much a homeowner that doesn’t have in-depth plumbing knowledge can do to look for a well-hidden leak. Regularly scheduling plumbing inspections and maintenance services that help preserve the long-term health of your sewer line remains the best way to find and stop a leak before it causes severe damage.  

Many plumbing services, like ProFlo, offer leak detection services that confirm cases of leakages and allow you to address the issue before they evolve into something more consequential and expensive to deal with. 

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