4 Factors That Cause Your Home’s Plumbing to Stink

October 31, 2023

Plumbing problems are always frustrating – but when they start to smell, the issue becomes even more pressing! At ProFlo, we get to the bottom of what’s causing a plumbing odor to ensure we eliminate the problem at the source.

If your daily life has been interrupted by an unpleasant plumbing odor, there are four common causes for the stink. Our experienced plumbers will conduct an intensive inspection and ensure we’ve treated the problem for good.

Your Sewer Line Needs Plumbing Maintenace

If there’s an unpleasant odor in your home, a faulty sewer line is a likely culprit. Your sewer line transports waste from inside your home to the main sewer – a break in the line, and the gases that escape will definitely be noticeable.

Regular inspections help to prevent this issue. If you do suspect a faulty sewer line, call a local plumbing company ASAP to repair it.

There’s Buildup in Your Garbage Disposal

It’s easy to overlook the garbage disposal while cleaning your kitchen. If the odor in your home is coming from the kitchen, it’s more than likely your sink could use some TLC!

Running baking soda and vinegar through your disposal once a week is enough to eliminate odorous food-particle buildup. Pro tip? Add a few lemon slices to replace the smell with a fresh, citrus scent.

A Plumber Needs to Look at Your P-Trap

The P-trap is a part of your plumbing system that controls sewer gasses. It works by retaining a small amount of water to create a barrier that traps the gas – and if it dries out, you’ll have a stinky situation on your hands.

The best way to ensure your P-trap is in working order is to use all the fixtures in your home regularly to keep the trap wet. If that isn’t working, it’s time to call a professional plumber to assess for additional repair needs.

It’s Time for Pipe Cleaning

Regular pipe cleaning is essential to preventing plumbing odors. Day-to-day household cleaners can be effective at removing the biofilm buildup in your pipes that causes unpleasant smells.  

At least once a year, it is recommended to have a professional plumber deep-clean your pipes. We have the tools and expertise to eradicate stubborn, hard-to-reach bacteria that create recurrent odors. At ProFlo, we specialize in innovative solutions like hydrojetting for long-lasting odor solutions. For more information about our services, contact us online or call 951-694-1300 to schedule an appointment today.

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