4 Important Things to Know about Hydrojetting

December 20, 2022

If you happen to be scrolling through a list of plumbing maintenance services offered by a plumbing repair service, you might run into the term “hydrojetting.” Hydrojetting uses a high-powered pressurized jet to blast away even the most stubborn debris or grime in your pipes. Homeowners often turn to hydrojetting when traditional plumbing methods – such as snaking – don’t work. 

Our hydrojetting services at ProFlo are some of the best in Murietta, CA, and we’ll let nothing stand in the way of clearing your pipes. Before you consider hydrojetting your plumbing system, here are four important things we’ve compiled that give you a sense of what hydrojetting entails. 

Hydrojetting is not a DIY Project

First things first, hydrojetting is not a DIY project. Handling the jet takes skill, patience and licensure to fully understand how best to service a pipe network. The hydro-jet unleashes a massive amount of water in seconds, and it is important not to underestimate how powerful this is. 

ProFlo plumbers understand how to effectively utilize the hydro jet with little to no problems, meaning you can trust us in the face of even the most clogged drain. 

Hydrojetting is Different from Other Unclogging Methods

Unlike a snake, Hydrojetting is meant for more complex plumbing issues. A snake is suitable for any minor clog, but it won’t fix something like a tree root intrusion. Not only is the water from hydrojetting strong, but it is also immensely hot. This hot water is made to destroy anything in its path, breaking down all manners of blockage. 

Hydrojetting Will Not Damage Pipes When Done by a Professional

There is the possibility of something going wrong in any high-stakes situation; however, our professional local plumbers are highly trained and meticulous individuals with expert knowledge of plumbing maintenance projects, including hydrojetting. Preventive measures are always better than waiting for the issue to resolve itself. 

Hydrojetting Will Not Fix a Faulty Sewer

One issue that hydrojetting will not solve is a faulty sewer. We can assess your sewer using our state-of-the-art micro cameras to see if something deeper is happening with your line. The worst-case scenario is that you might need a trenchless sewer replacement, depending on the severity. We will always double-check whether or not hydrojetting will help with your situation before jumping to conclusions out of respect for your time and money. 

Same Day Plumbing Service in Murrieta, CA

When entrusting your pipes and sewer lines to ProFlo, you’ll get a team of local plumbers who know how the homes in Murietta, CA, Inland Empire and Temecula work. We are local plumbers with a mission for the best service when dealing with any problem, including water heater services, galvanized pipe replacement and leak detection. Our hydrojetting services are safe and effective thanks to our commitment to quality and excellence. If you are experiencing problems with your plumbing, ProFlo can help immediately. Give us a call at (951) 694-1300 or by filling out our free contact form.

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