4 Major Reasons the Water in Your Home’s Plumbing is Brown

August 30, 2022

Brown water coming from your home’s plumbing is undoubtedly a strange and worrying sight, but what does it mean, and how concerned should you be? Fortunately, there’s no need to panic, as discolored water is a common problem many homeowners encounter and can be addressed without much trouble.  

However, before you can go about solving this issue, you must first diagnose its cause. This is easier said than done, however, as there are many possible reasons your water isn’t running clear.

Rust and Iron

When rust enters your water due to a plumbing leak, corroded pipes, or even a rusty water heater tank, it can cause your water to brown. Rust usually forms on pipes as they age and corrode. Be on the lookout when your plumbing system gets older, and consider replacing your sewer line before your piping can corrode.  

Iron is another material that can make its way into your plumbing via corrosion and lead to brown water due to its unique reactive properties. Those who own older homes with iron piping will need to be on high alert – any consumption of iron-contaminated water is dangerous for one’s health and can result in severe diseases. 


Chlorine is a chemical used to disinfect water, killing bacteria and other microorganisms, making it safe to drink. Chlorine can be found in nearly all tap water sources and is likely in your plumbing system. 

Chlorine fulfills its role by attacking the cell membranes of every organism in your water supply. However, if piping material like iron has made its way into your water, chlorine and iron can trigger a chemical reaction to create rust, causing your water to brown.    


Whether from erosion caused by a flood or heavy rain, or a mishandled construction project, dirt and sediment can enter your plumbing through several avenues. Once they do so, they’ll brown and contaminate the water throughout your home, exposing you to dangerous bacteria that can result in significant harm.    

Addressing the Presence of Discolored Water

If your home’s water does start coming out brown, stay calm and immediately contact a reputable professional plumbing service to provide a personal assessment of your sewer line. They will carefully inspect every aspect of your plumbing system to determine the exact cause of your discolored water and then efficiently administer the required solution.  

After repairs and other necessary plumbing services are completed, homeowners can ask for a water test to give them peace of mind that their sewer line no longer contains any harmful contents that may jeopardize their well-being. 

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