4 Signs Your Air Duct System Should Be Cleaned

February 28, 2019

When it comes to an HVAC system’s ductwork, Canyon Lake homeowners and business owners should know that leaving their air ducts unmaintained and uncleaned for lengthy periods of time could lead to poor indoor air quality and airflow. Air duct systems distribute the heated or cooled air from room to room and circulate the conditioned and ventilated air back into your HVAC system. By hiring professional HVAC specialists to clean your air duct system, you can improve indoor air quality and eliminate dust and other allergens within your Canyon Lake home or business.

Sign #1: Visible Dirt, Debris, or Dust Around Your Air Vents

If you notice dust buildup surrounding your air vents, it’s likely an indication that you need to get your air ducts cleaned. Dust buildup can develop blockages or carry high levels of pollutants and contaminants that could circulate throughout your entire HVAC system. This can eventually provoke or aggravate any allergies and other respiratory problems.

Sign #2: Mold Detection

If you find any sign of mold on your air vents, furnace or air conditioning unit, it is imperative to take action quickly. Mold exposure can spread rapidly and can cause serious health problems if it is not taken care of immediately. Be sure to call your local professional HVAC specialists if you notice any sign of mold to ensure the safety of your Canyon Lake home.

Sign #3: Dirty/Dusty Air Filters

If you notice that your recently replaced air filters are already dirty or covered in dust, it’s possible that you need your air ducts cleaned. Clogged ducts can cause issues within your HVAC system and can affect the air quality of your home. The frequency in changing HVAC filters may vary, but typically they need to be replaced every 1-3 months, depending on the filter lifespan and the area in which the filter is working.

Sign #4: Your Energy Bill is Unexpectedly High

If you notice a spike in your energy bill, your air ducts may be clogged and will require cleaning. Dirty or clogged air ducts will compromise the efficiency of your HVAC unit, making it work harder to reach its target temperature and filter the air properly – as a result, your HVAC unit uses more energy, and you experience a spike in your energy bill.

At ProFlo, we work tirelessly to provide our Canyon Lake homeowners with the highest quality air duct cleaning services in Southern California. We are here and ready to help you with any HVAC repair or maintenance solutions you may need. If you’re looking for any ac repair services, give us a call today for a free quote (951) 694-1300!

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