4 Things You Need to Know Before Scheduling Your Home Plumbing Inspection

January 24, 2023

If you’re due for a plumbing inspection soon, it’s essential to find licensed plumbers to do the job. Plumbing inspections by ProFlo are comprehensive and thorough, checking every part of your home for common plumbing problems. Before you schedule a plumbing inspection, we have four things that would be good for you to know as a Murrieta, CA and Temecula Valley homeowner. 

When Was the Last Time You Had a Plumbing Inspection?

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself. We suggest allowing no more than two years before you schedule an in-depth plumbing inspection by a trusted plumbing company. If you know it has been longer than that, it would be good to tell your local plumbing expert this information. This way, they know there might be more problems beneath the surface. 

How to Get Ready for Your Plumbing Inspection

To prepare for a plumbing inspection, you should ensure that the space the plumbers will be working in is clutter-free. This ensures they have easy access to the fixtures or pipes that need to be looked at. Though obvious, you should schedule your appointment during a time that suits you and not when too much is happening in the household. 

Why You Should Trust the Professionals to Inspect Your Plumbing Systems

Not every plumbing company is the same when it comes to plumbing inspections. Professional licensed plumbers will have many years of experience addressing all sorts of general plumbing problems like leak detection. They are personable and will offer tips on how best to maintain your plumbing fixtures for the long run. 

The Differences Between Visual and Camera Inspections

Visual and camera inspections are two services offered by local plumbing services. The difference between each is that visual plumbing inspections rely on a plumber’s immediate reaction and awareness of what they notice, whereas cameras will dive deeper into the pipes to see if there is a more significant issue at play. Usually, a visual inspection is more than enough to fix surface-level clogs. However, camera inspections will be able to see if your pipes are corroded or if there might be mangled tree roots in your fixture. 

ProFlo is a stellar team of HVAC contractors and licensed plumbers – plumbing maintenance has never been simpler with us around. Our services are highly recommended by Temecula Valley homeowners because of our excellent customer service and efficient work. If you need a plumbing inspection soon, call us at (951) 694-1300 or by filling out our free contact form

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