5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Your Heater That Will Lower Heating Costs

September 7, 2023

During the coldest months, our heater is working overtime to get us to an optimal temperature. This can translate to a higher heating bill than usual. Of course, being warm is a privilege in and of itself, but it can become difficult to balance all those recurring bills alongside maintaining a comfortable family unit. The fortunate thing is that no one has to go cold this winter. 

At ProFlo, we hear a lot of Temecula, CA homeowners ask us questions about how to save money on heating. The answer we give is very simple: HVAC maintenance is your best friend. If you are due for an inspection, we can point to some of the things in your unit that might need some working on. We’ve compiled a list of five tips that will help lower your heating costs. 

1. Clean Vents, Ducts and Filters

Cleaning these small spaces ensures the heat can flow properly in your home. When your vents, ducts and filters are dirty, the system works twice as hard to circulate air. The air that’s blown ends up being compromised with dust and allergens, which isn’t optimal to breathe in. 

You may think you are saving money now by not fixing the issue, but you are really delaying the inevitable. Our HVAC contractors can perform a routine cleaning for a reasonable price and get you breathing clean, fresh air again. 

2. Pay Close Attention to Your Thermostat

Many people think to leave their thermostat lowered for the winter, which, though it may save a decent amount of money, isn’t fair for the rest of the family. If you have a smart thermostat, play around with the settings to have it heated for a specific portion of the day and turn it off for the rest. Coordinate with everyone’s schedules so that heat isn’t wasted when no one is home. 

3. Tune-Up or Replace Your Heater

The obvious thought is to schedule your heater maintenance as soon as possible. Heating maintenance should be done annually for your systems to run efficiently. Tuning up your heater includes lubricating parts, calibrating the thermostat and tightening belts. It is better to do this sooner than later, as winter tends to be when HVAC contractors are in the highest demand. If it has been ten to fifteen years since your heater was installed, it may be time for a heater replacement. 

4. Invest in a Good Space Heater

A great, low-cost way to heat even the most humid spaces is to get a portable space heater. Even two of these units will get hot air moving through your home without having to adjust the thermostat. This will place less stress on your heating unit and keep people warm and happy. 

5. Lower the Water Temperature of Your Heater

There is a way to manually adjust the water temperature on your heater. The standard is usually 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but 120 degrees is not so bad. You may have to consult the manufacturer’s guide to see exactly how to do this on your unit, but once you figure it out, it’s pretty easy to execute. 

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