5 Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

September 27, 2019

Proper system maintenance is crucial for maintaining the health of your HVAC unit as well as the health of your family. Failing to adequately maintain your HVAC system will result in a shorter unit lifespan and recurring costly repairs. If you want to keep your Murrieta home cool and comfortable all year long and for years to come, follow these easy steps to maintain your air conditioner.

Check Your Air Filter Regularly

The most important air conditioner maintenance step is replacing your air filters on a regular basis. Failing to replace your air filter often enough, or choosing the wrong type of air filter, can result in decreased energy efficiency and even a malfunctioning system. Dirty filters restrict airflow, so your system will be less effective and the air quality in your home will suffer. We recommend changing out air filters at the start of the season as well as every 30-60 days afterward. Keep your family safe and healthy while lowering your energy bill by following proper AC maintenance suggestions.

Vacuum Your Air Vents

The air filter isn’t the only part of your AC system that gets dirty and affects your air quality. You also need to regularly clean out your air vents in order to maintain healthy air quality and keep your system running at optimum efficiency levels. Vacuum out any dust and pet hair that has accumulated inside your vents every one to two months in order to decrease the stress on your AC system.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clear

Make sure that the area surrounding your outdoor HVAC unit is clear of any plants, fences, toys, or other obstructions. Anything that could potentially block the airflow to your system will result in increased costs and lessened efficiency. To ensure adequate airflow, it’s recommended that you maintain at least two feet between your AC unit and any nearby obstruction.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Making sure that you’re always using your air conditioner efficiently will also help extend its lifespan. Turn off your AC when you’re not home in order to save hours of electricity and prevent additional strain on your system that is wasted on an empty house. Installing a programmable thermostat will also help you save energy with pre-set adjustments, therefore extending the life of your system and helping you save money on energy. Don’t keep your AC blasting during all times of the year; using your HVAC unit wisely will help reduce the amount of energy it outputs, helping it to last longer and run more efficiently.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance Appointments

Not all recommended AC maintenance steps can be easily performed at home. Hiring an AC repair specialist to perform seasonal preventative maintenance on your unit will keep it operating efficiently. It will also help you save money in the long-term since any issues are caught and repaired early-on instead of resulting in an extensive and costly repair down the road. Ideally, you should schedule your maintenance appointments prior to periods of heavy use. This will allow your AC repair contractor ample time to tune up the system and resolve any issues before you need to use your AC to stay cool.

ProFlo is proud to be Murrieta’s top-rated plumbing service, consistently providing quality that you can count on alongside 24/7 emergency services. We perform unit repairs, replacements, and maintenance services for all HVAC systems. If you want to become more energy-efficient and need to schedule seasonal air conditioner maintenance, give us a call today at (951) 694-1300.

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