Benefits of Regulated Temperatures on Office Productivity

February 14, 2020

As business owners in Temecula, Murietta, and the rest of the Inland Empire know, part of having a productive work environment is maintaining office comfort. This can include making sure the chairs give good lumbar support, that the lights aren’t harsh on the eyes, and, most importantly, that the building is at a comfortable temperature. A large part of keeping temperatures within a reasonable range means having a reliable and effective HVAC system that can regulate the heat throughout the building. While this may seem minor, keeping temperatures comfortable is a major part of ensuring office productivity. 

According to scientific research, the optimal temperature for a typical office is around 71 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer and 77 degrees during the winter. Anything above or below this can negatively impact worker performance. Given that you can’t count on the weather to maintain such an exact temperature, an HVAC system is critical for reaching this “Goldilocks” point. 

If temperatures in your office do get out of hand one way or the other, it can negatively affect the productivity of your employees. Hot temperatures feel “heavy,” especially in humid weather, and make workers physically and mentally sluggish. They will tire out more quickly, be more irritable, and be more prone to making mistakes. If the office is too cold, your employees will feel numb, stiff, and lethargic due to reduced blood circulation in their bodies. In both cases, it will be difficult for them to focus on their work and ultimately reduce their output. A cool and comfortable office will ensure that your employees move, think, and work with less effort required. 

Moment-to-moment productivity isn’t the only thing affected by imbalanced office temperatures. Maintaining a comfortable warmth in your office can also help prevent health problems from developing, which will, in turn, reduce the number of sick days your workers will need to take. If your office gets cold, your employees can end up with respiratory irritation, dry eyes and skin, as well as greater vulnerability to infections. If it’s too hot, your workers can suffer from heatstroke or a heat rash caused by excessive sweating. If you skimp out on an HVAC system to save money, you may end up paying even more in lost opportunity costs from a reduced and impaired workforce. 

It’s not just your workers that will benefit from a comfortable temperature, however. Modern offices are incredibly dependent on IT technology such as computers, copiers, and servers, which work best in cool and dry environments. While most pieces of IT technology will have their own cooling systems built into them, an office HVAC system will reduce their workload and ensure that they work properly at all times. 

Having control over the temperature and humidity of a workplace can enhance morale, making employees feel empowered by having a greater influence on their work environment. However, different people will have different desires from their HVAC system. Men and women, as well as younger and older employees, will often have different temperature points at which they are comfortable. For example, older employees are often less productive in cold environments. It’s therefore important to find a point that everyone is comfortable and happy with when you’re setting your office’s temperature. 

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