Broken AC Compressors: Repair or Replace?

May 23, 2024

Once your air conditioning unit is old enough, any new issue prompts the question: should you seek out air conditioner repair or just replace the whole system? One such issue that many homeowners face is the failure of their AC compressor.

This is an essential component of your AC unit, and without it, your air conditioning won’t function properly. It’s vital to get air conditioner repair from HVAC maintenance professionals as soon as possible, especially during those hot summer months.

At ProFlo HVAC, we’re dedicated to keeping your home cool and comfortable through HVAC services and plumbing repair. If you’re unsure whether to repair or replace your AC unit, this article will help you decide the right path for your home.

What is the Purpose of a Compressor?

You may ask yourself, “What is an AC compressor, anyway?” Well, you’ll know when it breaks, as the compressor is the heart of your system. It compresses refrigerated gas, pushing it through a small space and past condenser coils that cool the air.

As the compressor is the “engine” of your AC unit, when it stops working, so does your AC. You’ll need to find HVAC contractors to diagnose and complete immediate AC repair. Otherwise, you’ll be left to deal with the summer heat sans air conditioner.

Signs of a Damaged Compressor

Contrary to expectations, it won’t necessarily be obvious when your compressor is in trouble. While a broken AC compressor is easily identified by warm air coming out of your AC unit, other symptoms may telegraph early issues with the compressor.

Peculiar noises, including banging, hissing, squealing, or humming, may indicate issues with your AC compressor. Contact your trusted HVAC specialists for air conditioning maintenance as soon as you identify these sounds.

Some of these symptoms can indicate other issues, like a refrigerant leak, which is why it’s essential to get an expert opinion. ProFlo can complete a thorough diagnosis of your AC unit and, if necessary, complete AC repairs or assist with AC replacement.

To Repair or To Replace?

If your compressor breaks, you’ll have to decide whether to repair it or replace your whole AC unit. While the latter option may sound excessive, compressor repair can be a pricey service that ultimately costs more in the long run than a simple AC replacement.

One instance where repair may be the wiser option is if your AC unit is new and covered by a warranty. A simple equation to work out whether a repair is financially worthwhile is to calculate the cost of both and check whether the repair is over 50 percent of the replacement cost.

If so, you’re better off choosing an AC replacement. At ProFlo HVAC, we complete AC  installation quickly and efficiently, saving you the hassle. We’ll connect the thermostat to your new unit, ensuring seamless integration with your home.

Expert HVAC Maintenance from ProFlo

No matter what you decide, it’s essential that you have a trusted HVAC professional who can complete the job professionally and for a fair price. At ProFlo, we pride ourselves on friendly and accessible service. We can handle AC repair or AC replacement with ease!

Along with air conditioner maintenance, we can also complete general plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, and heater maintenance. When your home goes on the fritz, trust ProFlo to get you back to a comfortable lifestyle with expert and affordable services.

Call us today at 951-694-1300 or contact us online for a free quote on our exceptional services!

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