Common Plumbing Leaks: Causes, Prevention and Repair

September 22, 2023

Plumbing leaks can range from a frustrating nuisance to the cause of major home damage. Thankfully, knowing what to look for allows you to stop plumbing problems in their tracks.  We’ve compiled the top four causes of leaks, plus how to prevent and repair them!

Plumbing Leaks Due to Broken Seals

Plumbing seals are everywhere in your home – your local plumber installed them around your water connectors, your dishwasher and anywhere else where water could potentially leak. Seals begin to break down with age and use, causing leaks around your appliances. If you notice water pooling and find a cracked seal, call ProFlo to replace it properly.

Plumbing Repair for Clogged Lines 

Clogged drains are more than an inconvenience. If the obstruction isn’t cleared efficiently and properly, it can lead to more severe damage like leaks, overflows and burst pipes. To prevent blockages, make sure to have your gutters, HVAC system and sewer line regularly inspected and cleaned to stop major plumbing leaks in their tracks.

Catching and repairing Damaged Pipe Joints

Pipe joints, or the places two pipes connect, aren’t always easily identifiable. They’re also the weakest point in a pipe, which is why they tend to deteriorate with age and begin to leak. The easiest way to catch a leaky pipe joint is to listen for a banging or ticking noise coming from your pipes, as this points to too much pressure on the place where the pipes join. Your home plumbing expert will easily catch this issue during your regular plumbing inspection.

Plumbing Maintenance for Intruding Tree Roots

Tree root intrusion is one of the most devastating and challenging plumbing problems, which is why catching it early is critical. Keep an eye out for new sinkholes or wet patches on your lawn, and note if there’s any sudden drop in your water pressure. This is especially important if you have a tree very close to your home. Routine home plumbing inspections are the No.1 way to prevent major damage from tree root intrusion!

Plumbing problems can be a headache; make repairing them easy and enjoyable with ProFlo! As Temecula Valley’s leading HVAC maintenance and plumbing repair company, we’re known for providing unbeatable service. You’ll love working with our team of professionals – give us a call today at 951-694-1300 or contact us online for a free estimate.

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