Debunking Fake (And Expensive) Myths About Air Conditioning

October 31, 2023

No one likes spending more than they need to on their energy bill! That said, there are plenty of myths surrounding how to reduce your utility costs, especially during the hot summer months.

We’ve debunked four of the most common mistakes people make with their air conditioner – and broken down how to actually get the most out of your HVAC system!

Myth #1: Ceiling Fans Reduce Indoor Temperature

While running your ceiling fan creates a breeze that feels cool, it won’t actually lower the temperature in a room that’s too hot for comfort. Alone, your ceiling fan doesn’t do much besides use energy.

Instead, try lowering your thermostat and then running the ceiling fan for a few minutes to cool your home quickly.

Myth #2: Lowering the Thermostat Below Your Target Will Cool Your Home Faster

Your HVAC unit only works at one speed, so lowering the thermostat lower than needed won’t make your home colder any faster. In fact, you’ll waste energy by doing so.

If you do want to save money, try setting the thermostat a few degrees higher than needed, then add a fan just in the rooms you’re actively using.

Myth #3: Shutting Off the AC When You Leave Lowers Your Bill 

Unlike the lights, turning off your air conditioning when you’re not home doesn’t lower your energy usage. That’s because, when you do turn it back on, your AC will have to work harder to bring your indoor temperature back down.

A better way to save money? Turn the thermostat up just a few degrees before you leave. That way, your HVAC system won’t have to use as much energy when you get home.

Myth #4: Air Filters Only Need to Be Replaced Annually

While your HVAC unit manual will have exact specifications for how often you should change the air filter, it’s definitely more than once a year! Generally, replacing the filter at least every three to four months will prevent the buildup of dust and dirt, which forces your AC to work harder and use more energy.

Myth #5: Running Your Air Conditioning Can Cause a Cold

Your AC can’t give you the cold virus – but old air filters can cause your allergies to flare up. If you’ve noticed an uptick in how much you’re sneezing, it’s time to schedule an HVAC service appointment.

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