Earthquake-Proofing Your Home? Don’t Overlook Your HVAC Maintenance

April 25, 2024

Whether you’re a California native or moved here within the last few years, odds are you’ve experienced an earthquake! Due to our proximity to the San Andreas fault, local homeowners in California must be prepared for the unexpected.

When earthquake-proofing your home, don’t make the common mistake of overlooking your HVAC system. We’ve outlined the steps to safeguard your heating and air conditioning against earthquakes, so your home will be protected during an emergency.

The Damage Earthquakes Can Do to Your HVAC System

While most Temecula Valley homeowners understand the importance of structural integrity during an earthquake, folks are less likely to be informed about the damage that can be caused to their HVAC systems. Common damages include:

  • Dislodged or ruptured gas lines: these can cause dangerous gas leaks and even explosions that require immediate attention
  • Damaged and displaced ductwork: this can make your HVAC entirely ineffective and potentially unsafe
  • Misaligned compressors, motors, and fans: when components get knocked out of their proper place, you can experience equipment failures, short circuits, and even fires

So, what exactly can be done to prevent these major hazards during an earthquake?

What to Know About Seismic Bracing

The best way to protect your HVAC system is seismic bracing: a system of structural supports that helps stop your heating and air conditioning from swaying, twisting, and collapsing during an earthquake. 

Your local HVAC maintenance technician can help you add the recommended braces, anchors, and straps that will allow your system to resist seismic activity. At ProFlo, we have decades of experience in the Southern California region. We’re knowledgeable about local regulations and building codes and will ensure your home complies with all of them!

Why Proper HVAC Maintenance is Essential to Preventing Earthquake Hazards

In addition to proper seismic bracing, scheduling annual HVAC maintenance is pivotal to preparing your home for the next earthquake. Any unaddressed issues will be significantly exacerbated when your house shakes and rattles; regular tune-ups will prevent that from happening.

During your yearly HVAC inspection, your technician will thoroughly examine your entire system. This allows them to catch any loose, worn-out, or malfunctioning components and repair them. This ensures your heating and air conditioning are as secure and stable as possible, safeguarding the system in the event of a natural disaster.

The safety of your home is essential – don’t entrust it with just any independent contractor. ProFlo is proud to be the region’s leading provider of HVAC services, offering our community an unparalleled standard of service. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a spotless reputation; give us a call at 951-694-1300 or contact us online to see why!

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