Factors That Affect Your Heater’s Lifespan

December 27, 2019

Although Southern California has a reputation for being extremely warm with mild winters, the Inland Empire can experience low temperatures that dip below freezing during the coldest months. If you live near Hemet, Idyllwild, or Canyon Lake, you want to make sure that you can stay toasty warm and comfortable in your home throughout the coldest times of the year. Being left in need of heating repair in the middle of winter can be frustrating, and needing a heating system replacement is even worse. In order to ensure that your heater functions for as long as possible and makes it through the winter in top condition, consider these five factors that affect your heater’s lifespan.

HVAC Installation Quality

Although many homeowners don’t realize this, the quality of your HVAC unit installation can actually affect its lifespan. It requires a professional to ensure that all components of the unit are put in the proper place or installed in the correct order. If your ductwork, venting, or seals are inadequate for your home or your specific unit, these things need to be corrected during installation in order to optimize the efficiency of your unit and extend its lifespan. Make sure that you consult an HVAC installation expert like ProFlo to get the most out of your heating unit from the get-go.

Indoor Air Quality

Your home’s air quality can also affect the life of your heater. Allowing dust, dirt, and other particles to accumulate in your vents, ducts, and filters can cause your unit to operate less efficiently. It will restrict airflow and cause your heater to need to work harder to effectively heat your home to the desired temperature. In order to extend your unit’s lifespan, replace your HVAC unit’s air filter at least every 90 days, if not more often.

Routine HVAC Maintenance

Another crucial step to maximizing the life of your heater is to schedule routine maintenance checks with a reliable professional HVAC repair service. Disregarding scheduled maintenance allows issues with your heater to accumulate and worsen over time, resulting in expensive repairs or an entire system replacement. In order to get the most out of your heater that you can, schedule seasonal maintenance checks with a 5-star HVAC repair service like ProFlo. We’ll catch small issues before they become costly repairs, keeping you warm and in-budget all winter long. 

If you’re in need of heating repair or replacement, you’ll likely want to ensure that you get the most for your money when it comes to investing in a home HVAC unit. Taking these five factors into account and performing routine maintenance will ensure that your heater lasts for as long as possible, giving you more for your money and keeping you reliably warm through every winter in the Inland Empire. To schedule an appointment and receive a free repair or installation estimate, give ProFlo HVAC a call today at (951) 404-5227. We are proud to provide the residents of the Inland Empire with top-notch HVAC services, including a 24/7 emergency service.

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