Five Helpful HVAC Maintenance Tips to Prepare You For Allergy Season

February 21, 2024

Good air quality is directly linked to better health, and for the allergy-prone, it’s even more essential! You deserve to feel comfortable within your home – not plagued by irritated airways and nonstop sniffling.

As pollen counts begin to climb this spring, get ahead of the sneezes with these five helpful HVAC maintenance tips!

Upgrade to Higher-Quality Air Filters

Air filters remove dust, pollen, and pet dander from the air you breathe in your home. Higher-quality filters are more effective at catching smaller particles, which can help minimize your allergies.

The key to upgrading your filters is to look for options with a higher Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Ask your heating repair technician about higher-quality options at your next HVAC maintenance appointment!

Have Your Heater Vents Cleaned

Your heating and air conditioning vents can accumulate plenty of dust and other allergens. Having your system cleaned regularly will prevent these particles from being blown around your home each time you turn your system on and, therefore, help to prevent allergy flare-ups.

Monitor the Humidity in Your Home

Maintaining a humidity level of around 30 and 50 percent is ideal for minimizing respiratory problems. Anything higher encourages mold growth and dust mites, but very low humidity levels can dry out your airway and cause discomfort.

Depending on your climate, investing in either a humidifier or a dehumidifier (or both!) is an ideal way to monitor moisture levels in your space to reduce allergens.

Change Out Air Filters as Needed 

The quickest and easiest way to improve your home’s air quality is by regularly swapping out your air filters. With regular use, filters become clogged with debris and gradually become less effective. We recommend checking your filters every two to four months and having your air conditioner repair technician swap them out as needed!

The Difference Professional HVAC Maintenance Can Make

While you can accomplish a superficial vent cleaning on your own, professional heating and air conditioning maintenance is the best way to ensure your air quality is the best it can be! At ProFlo, our technicians provide comprehensive HVAC services that minimize allergies and maximize the useful life of your system. 

We’re widely recognized as the No. 1 choice for heating, air conditioning, and plumbing work in Temecula Valley. Discover the ProFlo difference for yourself by calling us today at 951-694-1300 or contacting us online.

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