Four Signs You Need to Replace Your Heater

February 25, 2022

The importance of a heater to a home cannot be overstated. A heater can keep a home warm and comfortable during chilly days with low outdoor temperatures when functioning correctly. A heater isn’t immune to age and wear and tear and will require replacement at some point in its lifespan. 

But when exactly is the right time for homeowners to consider replacing their heater? Fortunately, there are numerous indicators that can help inform homeowners when their heater is in need of a replacement. 

You See More Dust than Usual

If you begin to see dust or dander buildup in various areas of your home, take a look at your filters. If there is nothing wrong with your filters, this suggests a problem with your heater and the need for replacement. Worn-out or damaged heaters will reduce their ability to remove contaminants from your home, resulting in an increase in dust particles.

Rising Energy Bills

Homeowners will need to keep an eye on their energy bills. A sign of a deteriorating heater is increased energy usage. Failing heaters typically need to spend more energy than ones functioning properly on heating your home. If your energy bills suddenly start getting more expensive without explanation, your heater could be to blame. 

Your Heater Doesn’t Get Better with Age

The lifespan of most heaters is between 15 to 20 years. If your heater is beginning to experience various performance issues and you know you’ve had it for this period, consider replacing it. 

If you’re unaware of the age of your heater, consult several resources like its retailer, the user manual or its serial number for a definitive answer.

Strange Noises and Smells

If you start hearing strange noises like buzzing or humming and noticing unusual smells, this could mean that you have a malfunctioning heater. Examine your heater for any cracks or corrosion. If either is present, you likely will need to replace your heater. 

Before you get to the point of replacing your heater, you can help extend its lifespan by maintaining and repairing it whenever needed. ProFlo HVAC and our expert team are available to address any heater maintenance and heating repair need you may have. Homeowners in the Inland Empire rate us highly because of the quality work that we’ve done in providing stellar heating repair and AC services to the Murrieta, Temecula and Canyon Lake communities. At ProFlo HVAC, our complete client experience is guaranteed to satisfy as we deliver both world-class maintenance and repair services and excellent customer service unmatched in quality. If you’re ready to turn to the experts for your next HVAC project, call us at (951) 694-1300 or visit us online.

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