Four Ways to Make Your Plumbing Last Longer

January 19, 2022

Your plumbing system plays a significant role in ensuring that your home operates as it should. It’s responsible for many vital functions, like regulating clean water flow to faucets around your home, keeping warm water moving to your shower and bath, and removing sewage from your property. 

Any malfunction or severe issue with your plumbing system would spell disaster for you and those living in your home, requiring intervention from an experienced plumbing service. Luckily there are ways for you to extend the lifespan of your plumbing system, allowing you to continue to enjoy its many benefits. 

Keep a Watchful Eye

From time to time, take a look at your faucets, sinks, and toilets for any potential leaking. If you spot a leak, get it fixed immediately, or else it could worsen into something more severe and costly to repair by a plumbing service. 

Timely repairs to your plumbing system will help it last longer by preventing any significant issues from arising. 

Be Careful With What You Flush and Pour Out

Although they may not seem serious, clogs can lead to further issues with your plumbing system that may threaten its long-term health. That’s why it’s best to avoid any behavior that can result in clogs. 

Clogs are a preventable plumbing issue simply by being careful with what you flush or pour down your drain. 

The only object that should be flushed down your toilet is toilet paper. Things like trash, paper towels, or baby wipes can get stuck and cause clogs in your pipes if flushed.  

You should also look to avoid having fats and grease go down your kitchen drain as they can cause damage to your plumbing and septic system. 

Keep Your Pipes Clean

Over time, your pipes will accrue grease, sludge, and other harmful minerals that can stop them from functioning correctly if left unaddressed.

Contact a professional plumbing service to come and clean your pipes to ensure continued free-flowing plumbing. 

Get Professional Help When There’s An Issue

When you encounter an issue with your plumbing, the smartest thing you can do is reach out to a certified team of plumbers. 

Attempting to address a plumbing issue yourself can make matters worse, which is why it’s best to let the professionals handle it.  Expert plumbers like ProFlo have many years of experience and have a trustworthy solution for anything they come across. 

Your plumbing system is an integral part of your home. Ensure that it continues to serve you well for years to come by trusting in ProFlo whenever you run into an issue. ProFlo offers various plumbing services, including leak detection, toilet repair, and many more. Murrieta, Temecula, and Canyon Lake residents can all speak to the quality and reliability of our work. Our expert team of plumbers can’t wait to help you with all of your residential and commercial plumbing needs. To experience our plumbing services for yourself, call us today at (951) 694-1300 to schedule an appointment or request a free estimate.

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