Helpful HVAC Air Quality Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

December 29, 2023

Air quality improvement can be transformative for your family’s health. From alleviating allergies to preventing toxic mold, air quality control is crucial. 

Having pets in the home makes this even more important. For your knowledge, we’ve compiled the top five ways to ensure good air quality for you and your animals!

Keep Your Home Clean to Minimize HVAC Maintenance

Every pet owner knows that regular cleaning is a must. From shedding to muddy paws, cleaning up after our four-legged friends is key for a comfortable and sanitary home.

What you might not have considered is how key routine cleaning is for air quality. All that dust and debris carried in by your pets will accumulate in the air, clogging your air filters, worsening your allergies and reducing indoor air quality substantially. 

We recommend a vacuum with a HEPA filter, washing pets’ bedding regularly and the occasional bath for Fido.

Opt for Sustainable Cleaning Products

Harsh chemical cleaners can do more harm than good! Toxic chemical ingredients can irritate you and your pets’ skin and airways. The particles can also linger in the air, making the air you breathe unhealthy.

When cleaning up after your pets, choose products that have gentle, eco-friendly ingredients. Sustainable options are just as effective but won’t decrease your air quality.

Monitor Humidity Levels in Your Home

Too much humidity is the root cause of one of the most hazardous air quality issues: mold growth. Keep your home dry, leave bathroom doors open after a shower or bath, and consider a dehumidifier if you live in an area with high humidity levels. 

Ideally, your home’s humidity should stay within the 30 to 50 percent range. This will ensure your indoor areas are comfortable without aggravating your and your pets’ respiratory problems or catalyzing mold growth.

Don’t Smoke Indoors 

If anyone in your household smokes, make sure they do so outdoors. The dangerous effects of inhaling smoke are well-documented, and the particles are incredibly fine – they can linger in the air for well after the smoker has put out their cigarette.

Limiting smoking outside the home is essential to good air quality and keeping your pets’ respiratory systems healthy.

Consider Using an Air Purifier to Limit HVAC Repairs 

Over time, pet dander, dust and debris accumulate in your air filters. Using an air purifier keeps your air quality better and minimizes the number of times you’ll need air duct cleaning each year. This is especially true if you have pets that shed a lot!

Clean air is important in preventing health issues for people and pets alike. At ProFlo, we provide the air quality testing, HVAC maintenance, and HVAC installation services you need for your home. For further information, contact us today by calling 951-694-1300.

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