Helpful Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Know Before Getting Trenchless Sewer Repair

February 27, 2024

Plumbing repairs can be intimidating, especially when they involve your central sewer line. Fortunately, most sewer repairs can be accomplished without digging up and removing the existing pipeline. With trenchless sewer repair, your plumber can send a camera down into the pipes to evaluate the extent of the damage. Then, they’ll repair or replace your system by digging a small, localized hole in the area.

Trenchless sewer repair is often the quickest and most cost-effective way to address a problem. Make your scheduled plumbing appointment run as smoothly as possible with these helpful maintenance tips!

Schedule a Time You Can Be Without Water

Sewer repair requires your water to be shut off for a few hours, so you’ll want to choose a time that’s convenient for you. Before your scheduled appointment, get tasks like laundry and showering out of the way so you aren’t waiting around for your plumber to finish up.

Clear the Area Around Your Sewer Line

Remove any lawn furniture, potted plants, and other items that are near the surface of your sewer line before your plumber arrives to repair it. This prevents your plumber from having to spend extra time figuring out where to put your items and shortens the time you’ll need to keep your water shut off!

Remove Tree Roots Near Your Plumbing

Tree root intrusion is a common problem that can cause your sewer pipes to leak, crack, and even burst. If you have trees growing on your lawn, we encourage you to have them removed or relocated so they’re far away from your plumbing! This prevents further – and more expensive – damage to your sewer line.

Have Your Drains Professionally Cleaned

If it’s been a while since you last had your drains cleaned, or if you’ve noticed some backup issues, we recommend scheduling a cleaning alongside trenchless sewer repair. During cleaning, your technician will remove any buildup within the pipes, which can speed up the process of repairing them.

At ProFlo, we have extensive experience in trenchless sewer repair. We’re committed to providing communities like Canyon Lake across the region with the most innovative and cost-effective plumbing solutions possible. Our plumbers receive regular training on the latest techniques and technology to ensure we provide the best and most efficient service we can to our clients! For more information or a complimentary quote, call 951-694-1300 or contact us online.

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