Helpful Plumbing Repair Tips To Fix Low Water Pressure in Your Kitchen’s Faucet

June 18, 2024

Low water pressure is frustrating regardless of when and where it occurs in your home! It also tends to indicate a larger issue somewhere else in your plumbing system, which is why prompt attention to the problem is important. At ProFlo, we specialize in timely and effective plumbing repair solutions that minimize the amount of time you have to deal with issues like low water pressure, water heater dysregulation, and more. For your knowledge, here are the three most common causes of low water pressure and how they’re best addressed.

Have Your Local Plumber Check for a Clogged Aerator

Sometimes, the problem is as simple as a clogged aerator (the mesh screen that goes over the end of your faucet spout). Designed to disperse water flow more evenly, the aerator can become clogged when mineral deposits or debris accumulate on it. You’re more likely to experience this if you live in an area with hard water.

When you suspect a clogged aerator, your local plumber will unscrew the spout and clean the components thoroughly. We’ll also conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure nothing more major is causing the clog!

Be Aware of Pipe Corrosion

If you live in an older home, you’re unfortunately at greater risk of pipe corrosion. This is because older properties are more likely to have galvanized steel or iron pipes, which are more likely to become rusted or corroded.

Drain cleaning can help determine whether your low water pressure is caused by a buildup of corrosion or another issue. However, if you’ve noticed rust or brown-colored water coming from your pipes, corrosion is more than likely to be the root cause. Your local plumbing company can assess whether the issue can be treated locally or requires your home to be repiped with a better material, like copper, which is more resistant to corrosion.

Don’t Overlook Issues With Your Water Supply System

Sometimes, the cause of low water pressure is outside of your home entirely. Check with your neighbors to see if they’re experiencing the same frustration; if so, it’s likely the result of municipal water supply issues.

Regardless of the suspected cause, ProFlo is always willing and able to address all of your plumbing concerns! Locally owned and operated for over 20 years, our team has a wealth of knowledge about the issues Murrieta and Temecula Valley residents most commonly experience. For more information, visit us online or give us a call at 951-694-1300.

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