How Can Thermostat Problems Lead to Air Conditioner Repair?

May 23, 2024

There’s nothing worse than the dreaded feeling when you’ve turned on your AC, but your home is still as hot as the air outside. In Temecula Valley, proper air conditioning is essential.  Understanding the role of your thermostat is important to ensure your system is working properly and efficiently.

A Badly-Calibrated Thermostat Throws Off Your AC 

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as recalibrating or replacing your thermostat. If this component gets thrown off or is outdated, it can’t properly communicate to your AC system the temperature you’d like your home to be cooled to.

Check your thermostat and see if it’s accurately reading the room’s temperature. If it seems off, give us a call—we’ll get you the AC repair solutions you need to stay cool this summer!

HVAC Maintenance for Ineffective Cooling

If your thermostat is reading appropriately, yet your system is still producing lukewarm air, have your technician inspect your air conditioning promptly. All your HVAC is doing is using up electricity without doing its job effectively!

A lack of cool air indicates something is not working properly within your system. We’ll conduct a comprehensive AC inspection and find the root cause of the problem so you can enjoy a comfortable indoor living space once more.

How High Humidity Indicates a Need for AC Repair

High humidity is far from normal in Murrieta and Temecula Valley. If you notice that the inside of your home feels muggy, don’t overlook it—it may point to something wrong with your AC system.

In addition to temperature regulation, your HVAC system should also have a hygrometer that regulates indoor humidity levels. If it’s not working right, your home will feel hotter than it actually is and become more prone to issues like mold; call us ASAP!

The Importance of Thermostat Placement in Your Home

It’s easy to overlook the importance of where your thermostat is placed in the home. If it’s in a room with a draft or in direct sunlight, for example, it won’t get an accurate reading of the temperature throughout your home. This can lead to poor AC output.

Don’t settle for subpar air conditioning; ProFlo has you covered with effective HVAC repair solutions and excellent customer service. We’re top-rated for providing our communities with timely, effective, and affordable services. Give us a call at 951-694-1300 or contact us online today!

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