How Do Heat Pumps Affect Heater Maintenance?

November 29, 2023

Maintenance is the key to a long-lasting, efficient heating and cooling system. Understanding the basics of how different HVAC systems work will help you identify repair needs quicker so you can protect the life of your unit.

This blog focuses on heat pumps: a common type of heating system, especially in warmer climates like the Temecula Valley. We explain heat pumps in comparison to other HVAC systems to help you understand their maintenance needs, as well as the pros and cons!

HVAC Maintenance: Heat Pumps vs AC

Both heat pumps and air conditioners use electricity to regulate the temperature in your home. Their processes are very similar – one is just the reverse of the other!

Heat pumps heat up your home by taking warm air from outside or the ground and pumping it throughout your property. AC units also draw in the warm air but then use a refrigerant gas to remove heat before distributing it through your vents.

Because their processes are so alike, the maintenance for heat pumps and air conditioners is, too! Your HVAC repair technician will replace your air filters, inspect the coils and service your air ducts of both systems to maximize efficiency.

Heater Repair: Heat Pumps vs Furnaces

Heat pumps and furnaces use two different methods to produce the same result. Furnaces burn gas or oil to generate heat, while heat pumps are powered by electricity. Because of this, furnaces have greater heat output and are usually the go-to for areas with harsh winters.

Furnace maintenance can be easier than heat pump maintenance, as there are fewer working parts. However, they also have lower energy efficiency, which can end up being more costly than maintaining a heat pump system.

Which HVAC System Is Right For Your Home?

If you’re considering replacing your furnace with a heat pump, there are several key factors that should weigh into your decision. On top of maintenance needs, you need to consider your budget, warranty options and geographic location of your home.

You also don’t need to navigate the process alone! The ProFlo team is always available to guide you through everything from maintenance to furnace replacement. With a reputation for excellence across the region, you can count on the ProFlo team for exceptional HVAC repair, maintenance and replacement services. Contact us online or call 951-694-1300 to schedule an appointment today!

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