How to Spot Plumbing Problems Hiding in Your Sewer Line

June 18, 2024

Usually located a few feet below the surface, your sewer line is hopefully something you don’t have to worry about too often. Besides scheduling your annual inspection, this part of your plumbing system isn’t on your radar – until something goes wrong.

Because your sewer line is underground, you’ll have to know the signs to look for on the surface to detect when something is awry. We’ve compiled what to look, listen to, and (unfortunately) smell to help you catch issues early on. 

Changes in Your Lawn That Indicate Sewer Line Damage

Notice your yard isn’t looking as even as it used to? Sunken, soggy areas can point to a break in the sewer line beneath the surface, as these can cause soil erosion and water pooling.

Unfortunately, random lush patches on your lawn can also be indicative of the same issue. If the rest of your yard is struggling to stay green, and you’ve got one area that’s growing like crazy, you might have a sewer line leak. Sewage, though unpleasant to us, is an incredible fertilizer for plants. 

Even your paved areas can display warning signs about your sewer line. Cracks, sinkholes, and sunken areas on your driveway or patio can point to a collapsed line. Ask your plumbing repair contractor if you notice any of these signs!

Odors That Warrant a Call to Your Local Plumbing Company

In general, unidentified odors within your home or property are cause for concern. If it’s coming from a drain or your backyard, you definitely need to have your sewer line professionally inspected.

A leaking or blocked sewer line will often emit a “rotten egg” smell – otherwise known as methane gas. Not only is this smell unpleasant, but it lets you know that you have a potential health and safety concern that should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.

Sounds That Point to a Sewer Line Problem

Some sounds from your plumbing system are normal; for example, you’re probably used to the “shushing” sound in your pipes when the water is running. “Gurgling” sounds, however, should never be ignored. 

These sounds mean that air is trapped somewhere in the sewer line, either due to a blockage or poor ventilation. Addressing the sound efficiently is key to preventing whatever the problem is from worsening  – sometimes drastically.

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