HVAC: 3 Things in Your Heater to Check Before Considering Heating Repair

December 21, 2021

As we move toward the time of the year where colder weather becomes more frequent, property owners will likely be using their heater more often. A heater is integral to keeping home dwellers warm and comfortable amidst low temperatures outside. Any malfunction with your heater can be disastrous, especially during freezing nights. If you suspect that something may be wrong with your heater, it’s usually best to get in contact with heating repair professionals who can solve any heating issues quickly. However, before considering heating repair, there are things that you can check and address to get your heater back to the optimal status.

Inspect Your Heater

When your heater is functioning inefficiently or not working at all, it’s best to take a closer look at it. Any debris or misplaced object could disrupt the operations of your heater. Clean this area either with a vacuum or some other tool to clear out the accrued debris. If, upon the inspection of your heater, you notice its components have corroded or have suffered significant wear and tear, leave it in the hands of a heating repair professional to handle it. 

Examine Your Filter

If your heater is not operating as it should and cannot warm your home to your desired temperature, it may be because of a dirty filter. A filter can become dirty over time as it helps keep dust and pollen out of the air. 

A dirty filter negatively impacts your home’s air quality and makes your heater less effective. When you start noticing a drop in performance from your heater, look at the filter. It may need to be cleaned or replaced with a newer model. 

Look at Your Fuse Box or Circuit Breaker

Be sure to check that your heater is receiving power if you have trouble getting it to work. Sometimes homeowners mistakenly assume something is wrong with a heater when the answer is much more straightforward. Examine areas like your fuse box or circuit breaker. A blown fuse or tripped breaker can stop electricity from getting to your heater. 

Your fuse or circuit breaker may just need a simple reset to ensure that your heater is receiving power. If this doesn’t work, take a look at your heater to see if it has been switched off. This can occur by mistake and prevent your heater from working. 

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