Keep Your Furnace Running Longer with These Heating Maintenance Tips

October 31, 2023

Don’t get left in the cold! Regular HVAC maintenance is the No. 1 way to extend the useful life of your furnace. At ProFlo, we strongly recommend having a professional HVAC inspection yearly to keep your heater running in optimal condition and prevent future issues. 

While HVAC repairs are best left to the pros, knowing how to maintain your heater between appointments is a great way to protect the life of your unit. We’ve broken down the basics of furnace maintenance that will keep your home comfortable and your energy costs as low as possible.

Dust Off the Burners 

First, turn off the furnace, cut the fuel supply and toggle off the respective circuit breaker. Remove the door to the combustion chamber, then vacuum out the base and the burners. While dusting off the burners, check for fine black powder, or soot, as this points to poor conduction and requires an HVAC technician to take a look!

Vacuum the Blower

Remove your heater’s blower and vacuum the inside. If you have a small brush and a steady hand, you can use that as well – just be delicate to avoid damaging the wiring or counterweights on the blades.

Replace the Furnace Filter

A clean air filter is essential to your heating system. Not only does it keep purifying the air circulating in your home, but it also protects the internal components of your unit from dust and dirt particles.

Your HVAC unit’s manual should outline how often to change the furnace filter. Generally, a fiberglass filter should be swapped out every two months, while a paper furnace filter can last three to four months.

Clean All Other HVAC Parts 

Other parts of your heating system, like the pilot or hot surface ignitors, can be gently cleaned off as well. These components are extremely sensitive, though – avoid touching them directly and opt for blowing off dust with a drinking straw.

Most importantly, know when to call a professional heating and cooling technician! While DIY maintenance can be helpful, professional inspections and repairs are essential for extending the life of your heater. As winter approaches, make sure to schedule your annual heater service with ProFlo. No matter the age or condition of your furnace, we have the tools and expertise to keep your home comfortable. Contact us online or call 951-694-1300 today!

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