Loud Noises Coming From Your Heater: Causes and Heating Maintenance Tips

December 27, 2023

Loud noises from your HVAC system aren’t just a nuisance; they indicate that something isn’t working quite right with your heater or air conditioner. In this blog, we focus on sounds you might hear when you turn on your furnace, plus what they mean and how to address them.

HVAC Repair for Your Heater’s Motor

Often, the root cause of a loud furnace is a motor that needs attention. If you notice grinding or buzzing sounds from your heater, that’s a strong sign of wear and tear on your motor.

During your annual heater inspection, your contractor will advise whether your motor’s issues can be repaired with lubrication or if it’s time to replace the motor entirely.

Repairing Your Furnace Fan

Over years of use, you might begin to notice a humming or rattling sound coming from your furnace. That indicates that your unit’s fan needs to be repaired or replaced.

Your heater’s fan works continuously to circulate warm air throughout your home, making it prone to everything from loose screws to bent blades. If you suspect something is wrong with your furnace fan, call your HVAC technician to inspect the heater unit and replace any broken or missing parts.

Problems With Pilot Lights

If you have an older furnace model, it likely has a pilot light: a small flame that operates as an ignition source for the burner in your heater. A dirty pilot light will emit a roaring sound similar to a bonfire.

If you notice this type of sound, prompt and professional heater maintenance is crucial to keeping your home safe. We’ll remove any accumulated dust or debris in your furnace to ensure your pilot light works correctly.

HVAC Maintenance For Air Filters

As air blows through your HVAC system, debris accumulates in your air filters. A clogged air filter makes your home less energy efficient and can cause odd sounds as your blower struggles to push air through the dust and dirt. Having your air filters replaced regularly (around every six to 12 months) will prevent the whistling or banging sounds that come with past-due filters. 

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