ProFlo HVAC Install at B-Fit for Hot Yoga

April 19, 2017

While we often associate heating systems with winter and staying warm in the face of cold, there are some exceptions. In many fitness locations, personal trainers and teachers are honing in on a new type of workout. Hot yoga and pilates is a growing trend among many fitness enthusiasts and has become an increasingly popular activity to commit to due to its low impact but effective results.

Because of this growing interest, Proflo was given the opportunity to install a top of the line heating system into a B Fit Fitness Center in San Marcos, California. B Fit is a specialty fitness club focusing more on specific classes and workouts rather than general fitness practices. They wanted to offer an incredible hot yoga and pilates experience to their gym members and we were able to help them accomplish that.

We installed their new system from the ground up, from ducting to ventilation, providing updated tech and equipment for hot yoga enthusiasts. If your gym is looking into studio conversions and hot yoga heating systems, Proflo offers expert qualified technicians to convert painlessly with the latest technology and retrofitted equipment.

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