4 Important Ways To Stop Water Damage After a Plumbing Leak

At any given time, your plumbing systems can start to fail; when this happens, leaks are more likely to occur. Leaks can wreak havoc on residential or commercial properties in Murrieta, CA when solutions are not immediately accessible to homeowners. 

Fortunately, as a professional plumbing company, we here at ProFlo Plumbers have picked up on a few tricks over the years to stop leaks in their tracks. Expert leak detection can be the difference between massive water damage and contained water damage. So, don’t fret: here are four important ways to stop water damage after a plumbing leak.

Disconnect All Hoses to Stop Plumbing Leaks

Standing water in our home’s hoses can cause blockages in our plumbing systems, worsening the problem overall. It can even result in burst pipes if we’re not careful. 

The first step is to disconnect all hoses connected to water sources. This could mean turning off the water supply valves or unhooking the hoses completely. It may seem like a minor step, but if you’re serious about preventing plumbing leaks, this is essential.

Downspouts and Gutters Should Be Cleaned Regularly

Gutters have become a neglected plumbing maintenance chore in some Murrieta, CA households, which can be detrimental. Not only do they accumulate debris like leaves, dirt and other small objects, but even the smallest amount of build-up can cause significant issues. 

Whenever your gutters and downspouts aren’t functioning properly, water starts to back up, resulting in puddles on your property or causing foundational damage. This is why it’s so important to keep close tabs on your plumbing maintenance at least once a year and call for a plumbing repair service if something goes wrong. 

Investing in regular plumbing maintenance via professional plumbing services will make you aware if the problem goes deeper than surface level. Something like tree root intrusion may point to a long overdue sewage line cleaning. 

Locate Your Water Main Immediately

Shutting off your water main is an essential step toward stopping a plumbing leak from getting worse. Knowing the location of your water main is imperative, so you’ll be prepared if and when plumbing problems arise. If you need further assistance from plumbing professionals, having easy access to your water main will make their job easier and speed up their work.

Schedule Regular Maintenance for Your Appliances

Appliances are a common culprit for water damage in homes. Though they are built to last, they may fail or become compromised over time if you do not have them inspected by plumbing professionals. Get ahead of any potential damage by scheduling plumbing maintenance, like drain cleaning repairs, even if you don’t believe there is a visible problem. 

ProFlo Plumbers are experts in emergencies where pipes may be compromised, and Murrieta, CA homeowners are at their most vulnerable. Our technicians feel out the problem with their honed plumbing skills and address the problem without delay. Repair is long-lasting with us on the job. Give ProFlo a call at (951) 327-7688 or fill out one of our contact forms

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