How Can Hard Water Cause Long-term Damage to Your Residential Plumbing?

The type of water that circulates throughout your home is an important factor in the functionality of your residential plumbing systems. One of the most common types of water used in Murrieta, CA, plumbing fixtures is hard water, characterized by an elevated mineral content that leaves stains

While some swear by hard water, we at ProFlo Plumbers think a better option exists. In this article, we’ll explain what hard water is, why it’s harmful and how to fix it using water conditioning.

Hard Water Reflects a High Mineral Content

Residential water systems can be broadly categorized into two types: soft water and hard water. Soft water is comparatively low in mineral content, whereas hard water is high in minerals. Interestingly, hard water is prevalent in most homes across the United States, including Murrieta, CA. As the default, you may think you’re stuck with it, but that assumption is not always accurate.

Hard Water Is Rough on Your Plumbing Fixtures

Although calcium and magnesium are essential nutrients that support good health, their presence in high concentrations can pose significant challenges to plumbing systems. Homeowners often encounter general plumbing problems due to accelerated wear and tear from hard water usage, such as corrosion and clogged drains.

Over time, these issues can lead to irreparable damage to the plumbing infrastructure. The implications of hard water go beyond plumbing concerns as well. Consider the residue left behind on silverware after washing it; this same mineral buildup can occur within your plumbing system.

Soft Water Is Easier on Your Home Plumbing System

While you cannot change where you get your water, you can change how it is filtered through your home. At ProFlo Plumbers, we provide an effective solution to this predicament through our water conditioning services.

Water softeners function by removing minerals and replacing them with different ions via ion exchange. Typically, salt is used as an alternative to calcium or magnesium since it is less abrasive. However, alternative options like reverse osmosis or salt-free systems can effectively achieve the desired outcome.

If you have been contemplating transitioning from a hard water system to a soft water system or are newly aware of its benefits, ProFlo Plumbers is here to provide optimal solutions tailored to your Murrieta, CA, home’s plumbing system. As local Murriera plumbers with extensive knowledge of plumbing systems throughout the Temecula Valley region, we are well-equipped to address your hard water concerns effectively. Call us today at 951-694-1300 or complete our online contact form for professional assistance.

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