The Essential HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Year-Round Comfort

Don’t let HVAC maintenance fall to the wayside – keeping your heating and cooling unit in optimal condition is easy when you know what to look for. Whether you’ve noticed your heating and air conditioning running less-than-great, or you’re scheduling your next routine maintenance, we’ve made your HVAC maintenance checklist for you to keep your home comfortable year-round.

Check Your Air Filters

Dust, debris and mold spores collect in your air filters over time. This negatively affects air quality, energy efficiency and can even cause a spike in your utility bill if left unchecked! Your air conditioning and heating repair contractor will clean – or replace, if needed – filters to keep your home clean and comfortable.

Clean Your Vents and Registers

Damaged vents and ducts can lead to uneven heating and cooling, energy loss and potential fire hazards. Keep an eye out for any obstructed areas, and make sure to make your HVAC repair contractor aware of them. Check for rodents periodically, too – they can make their way into a ventilation system, potentially disrupting or damaging your HVAC system. 

Remove Clutter From Your HVAC Installation

When decorating your patio, ensure that furniture, plants and other objects are kept away from your outdoor unit. Your HVAC unit needs adequate airflow to regulate its temperature, and blocking the cabinet can impede proper functioning. Keep foliage trimmed and chairs a few feet back and your HVAC system will have the space it needs to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Choose a Trusted HVAC Maintenance Team

When problems arise, make sure to call in ProFlo! Our technicians are happy to help you address whatever plumbing repair, heating or air conditioning issues that come your way. 

When you need air conditioning repair during a Temecula Valley heat wave, you need the region’s leading HVAC repair crew! We’re known for timely scheduling, reliable service and long-lasting repairs. Call us today at 951-694-1300 or contact us online to connect with a ProFlo staff member. 

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