Professional Slab Leak Repairs

Slab leaks are a nightmare for any homeowner. Concerned that your business is experiencing a slab leak? Our team will professionally diagnose the leak and help you determine a solution that works for your home and your budget!


When owning a business, there are many things to look out for when it comes to your plumbing, however, slab leaks can cause huge problems to the foundation of your commercial establishment if they’re not addressed as soon as possible. If you think your business may be experiencing a slab leak, call Proflo today. We will send our technicians to professionally diagnose the severity of the problem and find the source. Once we’ve located the problem, we can give you repair options at a price range you can afford. Avoid extensive damage by acting fast and avoid mold or a ruined foundation. Call us today.


If you think you may have a leak in one of the pipes underneath your apartment complex, business complex or commercial establishment, it is very important that you have it checked immediately by a professional plumber. A leak in a concrete slab can be a very dangerous situation when it concerns your business, and if not treated soon, it could result in costly future repairs.

In the Inland Empire, ProFlo is the most reliable plumbing service that you can count on to take care of slab leaks. Our plumbing experts have decades of experience, and we use the latest technology to make slab leak repairs as easy and painless as possible.


Have you noticed your water bill going up and up with no signs of going down? Do you hear abnormal amounts of water running through your walls? Have you noticed a warm patch on your floor? Is your heating bill going up astronomically? If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, chances are you have a slab leak. At ProFlo, we offer quality leak detection services in Temecula, Murrieta, Canyon Lake, and the Inland Empire to ensure your business is safe.

Obvious Signs of a Slab Leak:

  • The Sound of Running Water – If you notice the sound of running water when everything should be quiet, water is flowing from some source. If you are unable to find a visual source, you could have a hidden leak under the slab.
  • A Hot Spot on the Floor – Hot water lines are always insulated and are not intended to heat the floor. The only exception to this rule is if the water lines are part of a radiant heating system. A warm area on the floor could be an indication of a slab leak.
  • Cracks in the Walls or the Floor – There are several possible causes of cracks in the floor or the wall. However, if the ground underneath your commercial establishment is compromised by water flowing from a leak, a great void could open up under the foundation. If this happened, massive stress would be put on the support structures of your business, causing cracks to appear in many different locations.
  • Excessive Moisture, Musty Odors or Mildew – A leaking slab allows moisture to creep into the flooring and build up under carpet. The drywall will transmit the water up the wall to the next floor while simultaneously creating the perfect environment for mildew growth. If you find excessive dampness in your carpets or mildew in or on your walls, you may have a slab leak. You should call a certified plumber to investigate further.
  • High Water Bills – Abnormally high water bills can occur for a wide variety of reasons. If you are able to rule out possibilities such as a faulty meter, and you know you haven’t increased your water consumption, you may have a leak.

Earthquakes are a normal occurrence in SoCal, and it is vital that you have all of your pipes, especially those under a slab, inspected. The shifting of the earth can cause your pipes to move as well resulting in cracks or disconnected joints. If there is a leak under the slab and it is not repaired, it can cause major damage to your business. It is imperative to have the water supply disconnected and the pipes immediately inspected.


Most business owners put off having their property checked for leaks or delay repairing the leaks that are found. Slab leaks should be fixed as soon as they’re found to prevent costly and serious damage in the future.

Some consequences of slab leaks are:

  • Damaged Foundation – If left untreated, slab leaks can seep through the flooring and reach the property’s foundation. This can result in cracks or weakening of the foundation.
  • Ruined Flooring – The longer the water fills the slab, it can waterlog the carpet, saturate the flooring, and crack the tiles.
  • Mold – Mold grows in damp, humid areas. When drywall soaks up water from leaks, it creates the perfect environment for the mold to grow, which can expose your tenants and customers to health risks.
  • Odors – Untreated water that is left to permeate through the house will cause musty, unpleasant odors.

Don’t put off your need for slab leak services any longer. Most slab leak repairs are a two-day process. The first day is spent locating the leak and prepping the site.The second day is spent performing the actual repair. With the proper service, you will have your slab leak repaired in no time!

Contact ProFlo and let our licensed and certified plumbers take care of your problem with speed and efficiency. At the very least, with a slab leak repair, you will notice lower water bills.



We have over 20 years of experience in the HVAC and plumbing field throughout Murrieta, Canyon Lake, and Temecula Valley. Our reliable and licensed technicians are continually receiving supplier training in order to stay ahead of the curve on new technologies and products. We’re always committed to giving you high-quality service at an affordable price, and our numerous 5-star testimonials support this. We know that there are many choices for an air conditioning service specialists, so we always aim to provide outstanding customer service and quality that sets us apart from other companies.


We are a locally owned and operated business. We have been proudly serving the Murrieta and Temecula Valley area for over two decades, and we appreciate every resident we’ve had the pleasure of serving. We love our hometown, and we will continue to provide our local homeowners and businesses with unparalleled customer service and repairs of the highest quality. We’re just around the corner, so give us a call any time you need us.


Customer satisfaction is always the top priority for us here at ProFlo. We want to make sure every experience with our team is an exceptional one, so our technicians are always prompt, reliable, courteous, and experienced. We work hard to quickly and thoroughly repair every problem, big or small, and we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. To try our services risk-free, call us today to schedule a free AC inspection just in time for summer.


When disaster strikes, ProFlo offers emergency services. We’re ready to assist with fixing your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning. We take pride in our promise to provide you with the best HVAC and plumbing services as quickly as possible.

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