Signs You Have a Clogged Dishwasher

September 30, 2020

Many of us in Murrieta, Canyon Lake and the surrounding Inland Empire use dishwashers on a daily basis. Dishwashers are highly convenient and save us time. Like any other appliance, things can go wrong. Your dishwasher is connected to your kitchen sink’s pipes, and if you have a clog or blockage there, it will affect your appliance’s performance. If you recognize any of these signs of a clogged dishwasher, you should contact a professional plumbing service.

Gurgling Sounds 

If a gurgling sound is coming from your dishwasher, it could mean that water is attempting to move around something that is clogging one of your pipes. Clogs can occur anywhere in your plumbing. A pipe that has been clogged by sediment or other debris can turn into blockage that shuts down your plumbing entirely. When you hear the sound of gurgling in your pipes, it’s time to call a professional plumber. 

Water Backup

If your dishwasher is running and water is backing up into your kitchen sink, you likely have a plumbing problem. You can troubleshoot by turning off your dishwasher and running your garbage disposal. If the water backup persists, contact an experienced plumber immediately. 

Unclean Dishes

If your dishwasher isn’t doing it’s job of cleaning your dishes properly, it may be because there isn’t enough water entering the unit. If this continues to happen, call a plumbing professional, as there may be a drain clog in the main line or secondary kitchen line. 

Slow Drainage

If your dishwasher isn’t draining as quickly as it once was, it could mean that there is a clog in your kitchen sewer line. This is an issue you should have a plumber look at as soon as possible.  If not, it could lead to a complete blockage on your hands.

Leftover Water

If you open your dishwasher and there is water resting in the bottom of the unit, it means that it’s not draining properly. If this is not checked by an experienced plumber immediately, it will continue to get worse as the clog builds over time.

If you’re in Murrieta, Canyon Lake, or a surrounding Inland Empire resident, and you notice any of these signs of a clogged dishwasher, contact the licensed and experienced plumbers at ProFlo immediately. We can assist you with all of your plumbing needs including drains & sewers, faucets, sinks, toilets, pipe leaks, septic tanks, backflow, and all other aspects of residential and commercial plumbing. To schedule an appointment or to request a free estimate, give us a call at (951) 694-1300 today. 

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