Slab Leak Prevention

June 10, 2017

Slab leaks are one of homeowner’s’ worst nightmares. They are incredibly damaging to the foundations of your home AND to your wallet if they are not addressed in a timely manner by a licensed professional. If you are looking for more information about whether or not you have a slab leak, you can read our Signs of Slab Leaks blog by clicking HERE. However, if you have been lucky enough to avoid slab leaks thus far and want to continue that streak or you unfortunately had to recover from one in the past, this is the blog for you. We’re talking about how you can take precautionary steps to avoid slab leaks in your home or property.


What can you do to prevent slab leaks from happening to you?



This is an obvious and slightly annoying tip, but it’s the truth. Regular plumbing maintenance addresses problems BEFORE they happen. Licensed professionals can tell you what the warning signs are before they make detrimental problems in your water, sewage, sanitation, etc. This allows you to be proactive and ensure nothing catches you by surprise. Better safe than sorry, right?



You may not know this, but excessive amounts of water pressure is a common cause of many plumbing problems. Pushing that water through the pipes can cause lasting damage to ALL your pipes INCLUDING the ones beneath the slabs that cause leaks. Calling up a plumbing company to take a look can be your best bet to avoid slab leaks before the problem actually arises.



You can’t build on top of sand and expect it to stay standing, right? If you want to avoid slab leaks, the number one thing to think about is if your foundation is strong in the first place. Investing in a solid foundation with quality cement and concrete products helps to keep your pipes housed safely within it is so important and cannot be stressed enough.



Getting an expert to check for corrosion or weakened piping within your system is a great way to ensure you’re replacing faulty equipment proactively. With technology, many companies have inline drain cameras that make it simple to check the entirety of your system without much hassle.

Those are the simple steps you can take as a homeowner to keep the slab leaks at bay. If you think you are currently experiencing a slab leak, please feel free to give us a call here at Proflo. We can send out our licensed experts to get started as soon as possible. Let’s get your slab leak repaired before lasting damage has occurred.

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