The Five Most Common Heating Issues That Need Immediate Furnace Repair

January 30, 2024

A well-running furnace is essential in the colder part of the year. If you notice something doesn’t seem quite right with your HVAC system, prioritize heater maintenance to stop minor problems from becoming major ones! We’ve collected a list of the most common furnace issues that warrant immediate attention from your local furnace repair technician.

A Leaking Furnace

Repairing a leaky faucet can be pushed off for some time – but when your furnace leaks water, you want to call your HVAC contractor ASAP. Your furnace should never have a pool of water around the base; if it does, this indicates an issue that your plumber should take a look at immediately. 

A leaking furnace can be caused by anything from a condensation leak to a mechanical problem and should be inspected promptly.

Inadequate Heating Output

If your furnace isn’t keeping your home warm in the colder months, don’t ignore it. Inadequate heater output means something isn’t working properly within your HVAC system. It could be anything from dust-clogged air filters ductwork issues.

Regardless of the cause, a furnace that can’t keep up can be a sign of a more serious malfunction. Call your HVAC technician and make sure you’re not at risk of electrical issues.

Cold Air

Your furnace should never produce cold air. Not only is this problem frustrating (who wants their home to get even colder in the winter), but it points to a need for immediate furnace maintenance.

A heater that blows cold air could have a faulty thermostat, dirty air filters, or overheating issues – all of which are cause for potential hazards. Addressing the underlying issue quickly will prevent further damage and keep your home comfortable as the temperatures outside drop.

Loud Noises From Your HVAC System

Notice an odd sound coming from your HVAC system when you turn on the heat? Don’t brush it off, as it likely means there’s something mechanically wrong with your heater.

A noisy heater is usually caused by a part that’s been worn out too much or has come loose. Call your HVAC maintenance technician and have them take a look before you turn your heater back on again!

Furnace That Won’t Ignite

A faulty pilot light or a dirty ignition sensor can stop your furnace from igniting, leaving you out in the cold. Thankfully, a skilled technician can take care of the issue within a few hours and get your home back to a comfortable temperature.

When things go wrong with your HVAC system, give us a call at ProFlo! Whether you need heater repair, maintenance, or a whole system replacement, there’s no better team for the job in Murrieta and the Temecula Valley. Call 951-694-1300 or contact us online today!

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