Top 5 Plumbing Repairs You Shouldn’t DIY

January 16, 2020

There are plenty of guides and tutorials out there meant to help people in the day-to-day maintenance of their Murrieta home’s plumbing systems. And it’s true, many types of simple plumbing repairs can be performed by a relatively inexperienced individual equipped with just a basic toolset. However, there are just as many repairs that you absolutely shouldn’t do yourself and that require hiring a trained professional. Here are five of the most important plumbing repair jobs you absolutely shouldn’t try to DIY.

1. Clearing a clogged sewer line.

When your sewer line gets clogged, your entire plumbing system will be affected, and if it’s not addressed quickly, it can lead to a sewage backup. A sewage backup is just as disgusting as it sounds, and it can cause serious damage to your property as well as pose a serious health risk to you and your family. However, sewer lines are often inaccessible without specialized equipment that most homeowners don’t have. Trying to fix this issue yourself can just exacerbate the problem. 

2. Fixing burst pipes

A pipe leak is one thing, and it can usually be handled with a simple patch job or tightening some connections. Burst pipes, however, are an immediate emergency and need to be replaced right away. A professional can detach old pipes safely before putting in new ones, will know exactly what pipes are supposed to go where, and won’t mismatch pipes during installation. This point is especially important when dealing with the next major type of problem, which is…

3. Performing repairs under the house or underground

Plumbing pipe repairs taking place under your house or underground require specialized tools to work with the infrastructure down there, and many cities and counties require special permits before you can start digging. Even if you do manage to perform the repairs properly, your city will heavily fine you for doing so without the correct permits. 

4. Replacing the water heater

A simple rule for DIY work: If it involves electricity, it is not a DIY job. A water heater installation and replacement project means working with up to 240 volts of electricity, and a single error can lead to serious injury and even death. It’s absolutely critical that you let a professional with the right training and safety equipment handle this kind of project.

5. Gas line repair

Similar to replacing a water heater, this can be one of the most dangerous repair jobs possible. If you detect a gas leak in your home, your thoughts should not be “I need to fix this,” they should be “I need to evacuate my family immediately.” If gas is leaking in your home, the simple act of flipping a light switch can cause the gas to ignite and explode. Even small leaks give off dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, which can cause serious health issues. Call a certified inspector immediately if you think you have a gas line leak in your house, and let a professional handle the issue. 

Performing minor repairs yourself can be a good way to save money, but for major projects and dangerous issues, trust the professionals at ProFlo. We offer 24/7 emergency services to residents in the Murrieta area, and no job is too big or too small for us. If you’d like to receive a free quote for the cost of your plumbing repairs, call us today at (951) 694-1300.

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