What is Water Conditioning & Why You Need It?

May 29, 2017

Did you know that 50 billion plastic water bottles were used in America last year? To put that in perspective, if you’re an avid water bottle drinker, you spend an average of $1.22 per gallon of water you consume.  After your average water intake of 7,242 gallons per year, you’ve just spent approximately $8,835.24 on water that you can get from your tap for SO MUCH CHEAPER!

Tap water is tested way more frequently than bottled water is and treated according to federal standards. So unless you’ve received a notice from your local water company that your tap water is deemed unsafe, you aren’t in any danger.

We know that the number one complaint when it comes to bottles vs. tap water is taste!

We get it. Sometimes it does taste a little strange, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is contaminated or unhealthy for consumption. If you’re struggling with changing your lifestyle to using tap water, It just may be time to consider a whole house water filtration and conditioning system. We recommend Water Conditioning!

Water conditioning is the process that removes or alters the chemicals, minerals, and contaminants from your water source. The right kind of conditioning can create clean, purified, great tasting water that you and your family can enjoy without breaking the bank. The main benefit water conditioning offers is the removal of the common chemicals in water that are deemed more aggressive. This includes chemicals such as ammonia, chloramines, and chlorine.

The conditioning process also reduces operation costs, scaling, taste and odor, and improves the overall water quality. Here at Proflo, we work with homeowners to find a water conditioning system that best fits their needs and budget. Ultimately, we want to ensure every family remains stress free when it comes to water. Consider water conditioning for affordable, delicious water all year round.

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