What To Do When You Experience a Water Heater Leak

May 22, 2024

If you notice a pool of water forming around your water heater, it’s easy to worry. Plumbing leaks can escalate from minor annoyance to major property damage, so it is important to address them promptly. However, there’s no need to panic – we’ve outlined the exact steps you need to follow when you have a water heater leak so you can get the problem resolved effectively.

Shut Off the Power to Your Water Heater

When you notice a water heater leak, the first and most important step is to shut off the power to your unit. Water and electricity should never cross paths, lest you put your safety at risk and potentially damage your heater extensively. 

Shutting off the power protects you and your home while also preparing the area for a proper inspection by your local plumber.

Disconnect Your Heater From Your Home Plumbing

Next, you’ll want to ensure that no water is flowing to your heater, which can make the leak worse. Locate the valve that connects your water supply to your unit and switch it off. If the valve isn’t working right or can’t be accessed, shut off the main water supply in your home until your plumber can reach you. 

Look for the Root of the Plumbing Leak

When your ProFlo plumber arrives for your plumbing leak detection appointment, they’ll conduct a thorough leak inspection to ensure they’ve gotten to the root cause of the problem. 

In the meantime, pinpointing the leak to the best of your ability can help you address it. Look for dripping (not from condensation) and see if you can find a loose connection or a crack in the tank. Having an idea of where the leak is starting from can help us expedite the process and get you back to a functional water heater sooner.

Call Us For Plumbing Maintenance ASAP

Regardless of what you can see with your naked eye, it’s critical to call a team of plumbers when you suspect a water heater leak. We’ll investigate the problem and implement effective solutions that ensure long-term results.

Professional water heater repair is critical to stop this problem from causing property damage. If you’re concerned about a leak, or it’s been a while since your last plumbing maintenance appointment, it’s time to talk to our team of plumbers! Call us at 951-694-1300 or contact us online today.

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