When to Repair & When to Replace Your Furnace

November 20, 2019

With temperatures dropping and winter fast approaching, having a fully-functioning heater is crucial for staying comfortable in your home. If your heater is repeatedly malfunctioning, it’s in your best interest to address the issue sooner rather than later. Failing to repair your heater in time could not only cost you extra money, but it could pose a safety risk to your household. However, there’s a point where a malfunctioning heater is more trouble than it’s worth to repair and it’s a wiser investment to purchase a new furnace entirely. If you’re in need of heating repair in Canyon Lake, ask yourself the following questions in order to establish whether furnace replacement would be the wiser option. 

How old is your furnace?

One easy way to gauge whether it’s time to replace over repair is to consider the age of your furnace. The average lifespan of a residential furnace is 16 to 20 years. If your furnace is less than 15 years old and hasn’t experienced repeated malfunctions, you would most likely benefit from targeted heating repairs over a full furnace replacement. However, if your furnace is more than 15 years old, you may want to begin shopping for a new one. Even if your furnace hasn’t experienced significant issues, it’s always wise to start shopping ahead of time so that you can make a measured decision. If your furnace fails and you’re forced to shop for a furnace quickly, you may end up choosing a furnace that doesn’t best suit your home’s needs. 

Are your energy bills increasing regularly?

Furnaces often lose efficiency as they age, causing your energy bills to go up even if your usage of your heating system isn’t increasing. These additional payments could be money spent on an entirely new furnace; instead of throwing your money away with unnecessarily high energy bills, consider a furnace replacement. Choosing a more energy-efficient and energy-saving model than your current one will help decrease your bills dramatically and save you money long-term. If your furnace is still fairly new, make sure that you’re undergoing routine HVAC maintenance to keep your system energy efficient and keep your heating bills low.

Have you had to undergo multiple furnace repairs recently?

If you’ve had to repeatedly call a heating repair specialist to repair your home’s furnace, it may be time to replace it entirely. Furnaces incur the most malfunctions in the last two years of their lives. If you’ve incurred multiple issues with your furnace in the past year or two, you’ll likely want to start shopping for a new furnace and ask your HVAC specialist about furnace replacement. As your furnace ages and repeatedly breaks down, the cost of repairing those issues will only continue to increase. Save yourself stress and money over time by installing a new heating system for your home.

If you’re a Canyon Lake resident in need of heating repair or furnace replacement, call the experts at ProFlo HVAC. Our technicians specialize in all major brands and models of heating appliances, and we’re specially trained to service your furnace on-site. From HVAC maintenance to full heating system replacement, we have everything needed to get the job done and make your home comfortable for you this winter. Whether you need heating repair, furnace replacement, or HVAC maintenance, give the ProFlo experts a call at (951) 821-5521. Our 24/7 emergency service guarantees that we’ll be there when you need us.

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