Why Oversized HVAC Units Can Lead To Oversized AC Repairs

August 31, 2023

In the world of HVAC, size truly matters. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better. At ProFlo, we often encounter homeowners who believe that getting an oversized HVAC unit will boost their home’s comfort. While the idea may seem logical on the surface, in reality, it can lead to numerous issues. Let us explain the four reasons why an oversized HVAC unit might just result in oversized AC repairs.

1. A Start-Stop Frustration

One of the main drawbacks of an oversized HVAC system is its unstable operation. These units tend to cool spaces too quickly, causing frequent on-and-off cycles. This not only slows down the efficiency of the system but it can also lead to undue wear and tear on components. The constant starting and stopping can put a strain on the system, leading to the need for more frequent AC repairs.

2. Temperatures Can Be Inconsistent

Imagine setting your thermostat to a comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit, only to have certain rooms feeling like a chilly winter morning and others resembling a hot summer afternoon. Oversized HVAC systems can cause significant temperature disparities throughout your home, resulting in uncomfortable living conditions. Regular AC maintenance can help, but the underlying issue often rests with the system’s size.

3. Indoor Humidity Levels Through the Roof

Humidity control is an integral aspect of air conditioning. An adequately sized unit will remove moisture effectively, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment. However, oversized systems can cool spaces so quickly that they don’t run long enough to remove humidity efficiently. 

The result? A cool yet clammy home. It’s essential to consult HVAC contractors to make sure your system is the right size for effective humidity control.

4. The Oversized Price Tag

An unstable HVAC system can mean unpredictable energy bills. With constant on-off cycles, your system consumes more power, leading to higher energy bills. Additionally, the increased strain on components can result in premature system failures, necessitating more frequent AC services or even a complete system replacement sooner than anticipated.

When it comes to HVAC systems, striking a balance is key. An adequately sized system ensures consistent temperatures, efficient humidity control, reduced wear and tear, and cost savings. 

If you suspect your HVAC system might be oversized, or if you’re considering a new installation, turn to ProFlo. Our team of HVAC experts can guide you to the ideal solution for your home. For any HVAC concerns or services, reach out to us at 951-694-1300 or visit us online. At ProFlo, your comfort is our commitment.

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