Your HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Fall

August 17, 2020

As autumn sets in and Murrieta begins to cool down, many homeowners will find that they’re using their air conditioning less and less. Murrieta homeowners tend to run their AC nonstop from the start of summer through most of the fall due to the Inland Empire’s extremely warm weather. However, this kind of use can cause rapid wear and tear on your HVAC system, and you may find yourself in need of air conditioner repair or heating repair once winter comes. If you want to keep your HVAC system in top shape for the winter months, make sure that you follow these maintenance tips this fall. 

  1. Change the air filters

The number one tip for preventing any kind of air conditioner repair is to regularly replace your air filters. Although it’s one of the simplest DIY maintenance tips, we still come across a large percentage of homeowners who either fail to replace them on schedule or fail to replace them altogether. Relying on clogged and dirty air filters can exacerbate allergies, reduce airflow, and increase utility bills. If you want to ensure that your AC and heating works efficiently, replace your air filter every 30 days or as recommended by a professional HVAC contractor.

  1. Give your systems a break

No matter how much HVAC maintenance you perform, it’s inevitable that your unit will receive excessive wear and tear if it’s left running 24/7. Try to give your system a break during fall, since the weather will begin to cool down. Use fans to cool down rather than turning on your AC, or adjust the thermostat to a higher temperature. The more you use your HVAC system, the sooner you’ll need air conditioner and heating repair. To avoid calling an HVAC contractor, turn off your AC whenever possible and allow it to take a break.

  1. Clean up your outdoor unit

Whether they do it or not, most homeowners know that they need to routinely change out their indoor air filters. However, many Murrieta residents don’t know that they also need to maintain their outdoor HVAC unit in order to prevent the need for heating repair. Especially during fall, when leaves and other debris are most strewn about the yard, it’s important that you keep your outdoor unit clear. Remove any debris within two feet of your HVAC unit, as these items could potentially block the airflow to your system. This causes it to run less efficiently, therefore increasing your utility bills and causing unnecessary wear on your HVAC system. 

  1. Get a professional maintenance tune-up

In addition to DIY maintenance, it’s always recommended that you receive seasonal or annual maintenance from a trusted HVAC contractor. Our technicians will look over every aspect of your HVAC system, performing essential maintenance and catching any air conditioning repair needs before they become larger, more expensive problems. 

If you’re a Murrieta resident in need of air conditioning maintenance or heating repair, trust the experts at ProFlo. We proudly serve all of the Inland Empire, providing 5-star HVAC and plumbing repairs with 24-hour emergency service. To receive a free estimate for heating maintenance or repair, give us a call today at (951) 694-1300.

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